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Mirus Brokerage

Hello, I just discovered this forum and I must say that I am very impressed with what people have done here. I have read threads here and I am finding myself to be very appreciative of the content.

I have 15 years of experience with day-trading stocks and I have just started e-mini trading. So far, it's been going without a hitch. I am interested in trading 5-year U.S. Treasury Note (ZF) and 30 Years U.S. Treasury Bonds (ZB). I am using TransAct Broker but I am not very satisfied with them, so I would prefer to switch to MIRUS FUTURES.

My first question is, is MIRUS FUTURES a dependable and trustworthy brokerage?

My second question is, if I am to switch to MIRUS FUTURES, will I be able to trade ZF and ZB? If I can, then what is the day-trading leverage of trading ZF and ZB? TradeStation Broker gives $3000 for trading ZB and $500 for trading ZF.

My third question is, if I only have experience trading ES so far, will I have to learn anything new while trading ZF and/or ZB?

Anyone with any experience with this, please respond for any comment will be of great help. Thank you. Good luck to everyone.

Stable platform and high quality data feed.

Day trading margin is $500 per contract.

Typically, the ZB trades a bit slower than the ES, so you may have to adapt to that difference. The exception to this general rule is during times when new economic reports are released.

Overall Mirus is one of the better quality brokers available.
they serve the zenfire datafeed which is generally considered to be one of the better ones available to us retail traders
Toulouse-Lautrec/ pt_emini:
Thanks for taking the time to read this post and reply. It's been really helpful. Thanks for the input. Good luck with your trading.
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