Has anyone used this service before from
At $499.00 a month I hope not.

Oh hell phantasmania, that's merely ONE tick on the ES with 40 contracts sans commish ... whatcha fussin' about. You'll recoup the monthly fee with just 1.078342 trades. Sign me up ... digging for my Amex Black Card now!
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Has anyone used this service before from

a couple years back, i signed up for his 2wk free trial, and also 3-months of service at half the price it is now.
It's a decent service, he provides a link to a password protected chatroom where he calls out trades in real-time. He uses a proprietary system, the details of which he would not divulge. My impression was that it was probably a mechanical trading system, he was not a discretionary trader. Like any mechanical trading system, he went through periods of winning and losing streaks, but overall his system has positive expectancy.
There's nothing shady about his service, various payment options are provided, and you are not locked into any contract.

I stopped using his service because I wanted to be more self-reliant. Plus I prefer a more discretionary trading style, though i recognize the importance of being mechanical at times.