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Kiss Trader:

Have you heard of them?

Platinum Membership

$ 6995

Anyone familiar with the services?


Has Gene Simmons joined the ranks of trading vendor now?
Evidently! And what a deal it is: Platinum Membership Full KISS-TRADER Course $6,995 ... I think he may toss in his bass axe as a bonus and you'll also get the "I wanna rock and roll all night" globex trading package if ya sign up today. Way Cool!

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My very first concert...Madison Square Garden in New york...1976!! I can still feel the heat from when he breathed fire.......awesome...!! Sorry Trader100 for the interuption
What a great gig!!! Never have seen 'em live. Caught AC/DC here in Dallas 2 nights ago ... cut my teeth on Angus when I first picked up the electric guitar when I was 14 (right when the Back in Black album came out) ... a bergundy Les Paul Custom. They [email protected] ROCKED ... the boys all sounded as good as they did 30 years ago ... amazing!!!
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My bad Trader 100 ... here's the link again for anyone who's desirous of spending $6,995.00 for trading education that we've yet to hear about from anyone who's got first hand experience with 'em.

So, I'll reiterate the request: Someone give mypivots folks and Trader 100 any realistic feedback on the KISS service. It would be much appreciated.
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