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I believe I was meant to share this message so for my friends at the board here goes...
My Dream Friday night:

I was sitting at an oval table with about a dozen others. Those around the table were talking amongst themselves as the leader of the group was gone.

A voice said to me "I am going to give you a message, speak it now." The message came to me and as I spoke everyone around the table became silent and turned to face me and listen. Their expressions were that the message was important.

I spoke the message I was given:

"We must not get so caught up in our wants and desires that we forget about what is truly important."

Then I saw a piece of torn discarded gift wrap paper. It symbolized the paper thinness and lack of substantiveness of our earthly desires. As a child soon loses interest in a present, the gift wrap lay torn and discarded.

Gather not earthly treasures that rot and rust but rather those that last eternally in heaven.
well said Blue and that's why we try to keep everyone on the straight and narrow path here......too many are looking for riches too quick in this business. We need bigger goals outside of money.....of course when you don't have any money it's easy to get "twisted"....been there and done that...wish I had some "Life" shortcuts to impart but we all need to find our own way.....good post!!!
Many thanks Bruce!!

(I guess you count as "good soil"
as in.. And some seeds fell in good soil and the plants grew and produced corn a hundred grains each.)

I received this reply from a friend about the dream:
Pretty amazing.

I have got to remind myself that creating material wealth should be with an intention of applying my spiritual side.

Thanks for sharing.
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