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Consistently Profitable System/Strategy

I am looking for a system/strategy that can consistently be profitable on a monthly basis with the E-minis, Currency Futures or Forex markets to take advantage of a great business opportunity with some investors that want to put money in day trading businesses.

I am not sure if such a system/strategy really exists but I would like to hear what all of you have to say.

Fortunately, trading offers the opportunity of having a self employed business, free from external pressures and bothersome bosses. But it has also its down side too. You are the ONLY one that can produce and income for you. If, for any reason, you have to stop working (sickness, vacation, retirement, personal problems, etc…) money will stop flowing no matter how good and profitable your system/strategy is.

I would say that almost all of us who trade, do it because we like it and because it MAKES US MONEY. Won’t you like to make even more money? Why not make your system/strategy work for you in a different and very profitable way? Having your system/strategy only for you keeps you from making a lot more money.

If you have such a system or strategy, wouldn`t it be very attractive to have an extra monthly income to start every month with? Maybe it is the time to use your system/strategy to go to the next level making it work for you as a second income source too.

I have very good ideas for a business strategy with which nobody will be at risk and that can produce enough leverage to generate very interesting MONTHLY profits for all those in the business.

Come on, let us know if you have such a system/strategy and I will tell you how a lot of us can beneficiate from it (including you of course).

You would have to prove that your system/strategy is consistently profitable in forward testing though. I see no other way to see that your system/strategy is a good one for sure (I think that back testing, at least using Ninja Trader, is not a good option).

I look forward to get your insight on this issue and hopefully find the correct system to start a continuously growing business with as many people as possible.

After all this forum (and all others) is for everybody to grow in this business. Let it happen

Kind regards,

How about the Gap Fade strategy? Would that work for you?

On page 10 it says:
The above table shows that we would have achieved just over 2 ticks of profit on average per trade/day had we faded every gap over the 25 months (514 days with gaps) studied.

In other words you dont have a profitable simply want to hawk somebody elses ...and what would be your commitment?

What protection would you provide the developer?

Do you need daily statements or monthly statements to verify monthly success?

First you wanted "back-tested"
now a few days later you want "forward tested"

you write:
"Having your system/strategy only for you keeps you from making a lot more money."

How is this?

In your previous thread, I demonstrated that this is not true. You did not reply.

A successful system that is shared with you is known by you.
If you market it and when it spreads through the net like wild-fire then it is useless to everyone.
Hi blue,
Once again I apologize for the delay answering in the other thread. Please see my answer following the link
We do not intend to market the system through the internet. You can find thousands of such offers in the web, most of them scams. What would make our system a successful one in this circumstances? On the other hand it would be MUCH LESS profitable for us to do that instead of developing our business plan that includes a growing number of managed trading accounts.
I think that is important for you to know that our intention is to share the business`profits with the developer and we will not get to know the system before we have paid an agreed amount of money to the developer in profits from the business itself.
Maybe I am stupid but it sounds fair and profitable to me.
Once again I thank you for your comments and insight.
Kind regards,

Hi PinkFloyd,
Thank you very much for your post.
I guess that I should not post in the public forum private issues that may be of your particular interest and therefore I sent you a private message.
Please let me know if you got it.
Kind regards,

No US laws available to protect me...cannot/will never happen
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