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Support Resistance.

Anyone have some numbers up here? I have 1107 and 1115 but nothing in this current area above 1115.
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Short at 1117.75 for a quick scalp looking for 1115.50, but 1113.25 is possible

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Class dimissed! the charts helped!

yea they did thank you.
I'm not sure if this will help you in the future or not but I trade a derivative of the Pitbull is the the basic concepts that I was keying off of today came into play..

Today with an open of 1113.25 you can see where the plus 4 - 5.5 comes in........the other key zone, not used today is the 8 - 10 range is todays chart...look at that great Volume surge at 9:40 as they were trying to get stops in at the previous days RTH, the plus 4 and of course Kools projection...I highly suggest you sign in to Kools Tools thread....

On the chart below The double horizontal is one of two key volume zones created yesterday which also became the VA high in the 1110 area

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Thanks Bruce. I will try and learn it over the weekend and then test it out with some simulations. Thanks again.
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