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What are your most pressing trading questions?

Hi Guys,

I met a guy the other day (through another friend) who is a very successful eminis trader (successful as in he makes in excess of $2 million a year!) and I asked him if I could meet up with him and ask a whole bunch of questions

-basically do an interview with him, and ask him all about trading, and how does the average person become successful as a trader etc. so that I can start trading successfully.

......and then I thought there must be a whole lot of people out there just like me, that have heaps of questions about trading and would love the opportunity to ask a professional trader how they can become successful too, rather than getting information off average people on the web or whatever.

So, what I'll be doing is getting a bunch of questions together, giving him a call and either meet up with him (and record the conversation) or chat with him over skype or something (and figure out how to record that -if anyone knows how please let me know).

So.... here is your opportunity to ask a pro trader whatever you want, and I'll be posting the link for the interview on here when I'm done so you can listen to all the answers to your questions!
One question how does one who is trading succesfully with 1 lot futures contracts increase contract size effectively. I have a few ideas on this but would be interested in what your friend says
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