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Volume for Thursday

Using the 96.50

the 92 and the 1100. Everying else is just noise

Working a small long at overnight......Yikes
I have vol spikes from last nite at 1096 and 1103.25 also. fwiw (I'm hoping for one more decline to get in!)
if we can resolve this volume at the 96.50 then we shoukld get the new highs and into the 1100......nice hit on the minus 4 numebr but I missed the long down there...currently in long at 94.75...a bit high on entry...
agreed... i wanted 1093.50 but didnt wake up in time!..
ineresting day...certainly had my longer term the question is this the makings of a tight range day centered around that 96.50 or are they gonna trend away from it down into the 92 area and 84........just watching now.....
wow, just got filled at 1092.50 on my long..did you see the vol. spike there!?
I sure did right down into the volume spike from previous days so that confirms it...I'm using 94 - 95.35 as the upper volume magnet now ...

For me I will almost always use the volume spikes that are developing for that particular day over previous days if given a can see we had all that volume just below that key 96.50 number. I really thought they would bring it higher as the spikes below the 96 didn't attract much selling and then we traded above highs of the volume spike bars I was wrong on that but we have a good zone to watch now..Hope it keeps running higher for ya..

Volume of the 91 - 92 spike is much lower then earleir so hope that means they are buying it.....don't like it when the spikes are tends to consolidate for too long and jumps in between the volume.....makes sense as they are attractors...*&^% does any of that makes sense.....? LOL!!
Man, that was a lot of words to try to impart this simple concept:

New volume spikes are created each day and we can use the current day as the we can incorportae the high volume from previous days as entry points and then look to target the current volume area as initial targets...

For example : If I got long down at the 91 - 92 which I didn't then I would have to be careful near the 94 - 95 as that is where we had high volume spikdes today and price may jerk around there. I wouldn't expect to just blow right through the upside without a challenge...small ranges make it harder to target bigger there is not much lower volume to blow through between volume areas.......Gheesh....I just can't explain stuff well....%$#@!!!
a close up of the voluume zone I drew in and a trade....Look what forms inside the zone....TRIPLES..! For me it was the break of the inside bars low after the up bar to go get them.....Runners will probably get stopped by the time I finish this..if not then I'll try for the retest of the 92 volume.....Point is really how the volume is the attractor.....well done Koolio!!
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vol zone and trips