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My final posts.....

for 2009...Here are the pre new Year gaps from Wednesdays RTH session...look closely at the double unfilled closes just around 10:05 at the highs.......great target if you actually saw them...emini S&P is very efficient
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double gaps
here is the whole day...look at that great retest to fill in those gaps...( seems my chart may be cut off on the right..).for those who look at the 5 minute we had triples form below at the 1119.50 and 1118.50 levels...these come in handy for todays doubt the best holiday trading in years
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double total
Here is part of Wednesday with the Triples lines snapped and part of today... we had the gap higher open which was the sell and the idea would be to use the trips as a target...the first triple also came in at the minus 4 so we knew folks might try to go for it
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left over trips
Here is the total chart from today with the triple lines left on my screen..........looks impressive but today was only a 14 point range...I guess it's all relative...good way to finally close out the year. Look how they ran out that last triple on the low and then kept going down......wasn't here to get that one....
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left over trips 2