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I wrote this article and posted it on my website in November, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback on it. Even though many in here follow my commentary on the site and perhaps have already read this, I thought I'd post a link so those that don't follow along can read it. It's mostly directed at newer traders trying to 'make it' full-time. It's a bit 'scary', and some may disagree with some of the points, but I call it like I see it, and this is my opinion. I hope it is useful. Comments and questions welcome, but try not to slash me up too bad if you don't agree :-)

Trading as a business is not like people think it is
Okay, with all that overly long prefacing and scaring everyone to death, let's get started. for a page and a half to get to the start... lol ...

If I can just get 500% return per year I can do it.

Now your scaring me...

I have about 33,000 screen hours at this point, give or take. There is a lot to be said for putting those hours in, and what it allows me to see and decipher from price action.

You have to put in the time, and most won't. And very few understand that.

I think this ties directly back into your opening comments about the motive to quit the boring 9-5 grind and go into trading. The feelings and individual characteristics that motivated the person to quit their boring day job are the same performance limiting character traits that the person runs right smack into in trading.

Great article Jim, I encourage everyone to read it !
Jim, great article, as they usually are. But what if trading is just a Hobby? Is it possible? Seems much more fun anyways?
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