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Ground control to MAJOR Tom

Commencing countdown....

ES range should be 1147.50-1135 for March 15. The big drop will happen after some sideways move action and this "nonsense" can last all the way out to August 2010.

March 16, April 16 ( watch Apr 2/5), May 19 are important dates for now.

A drop to 1126-1118 is in the offing and March 16 could be a low area. Initially a drop after March 16 was the move, but US index and Gold has to reach the lower and upper levels for all to be in sync.

1126.25 and 10364 are very important number monthly basis/weekly.

1200-1220 on the ES is in the cards. Nonetheless and when this mkt starts to drop it will be vicious.

So much window dressing. 1126.25/10364 is what you really want to watch.

The US index, gold, silver, CAD etc has all to line up with the ES/YM. As the the US index will have to move up 18 cents from the trendline then CAD drop should be from the high to the monthly trendline at 87 ( so up move for CAD is 87+15=102 area. I've been waiting for this for a long time, was expecting this much earlier....good trade, daily chart trendline breaks up and down.

US index will get to 95 and am waiting for the retest of the trendline and a "sucker' bust and then the move up.

Sugar call right on and beans top should be in late May 2010. This is a sure drop with a big move. Watching Cotton, Coffee, corn, Canola ( big up move from Dec 2010....drop should be in June/July 2010), OJ et al.

TF has gone past the 654.90 so ( 341.60 x 2 =)683.20 should be a target up past the MM 675/676.

For newbies, trade of a daily chart, much easier and then if daytrade learn only 1 market.

Good trading
market may slide any minute to retest the low
1136.50-1135.00 = 1.50

1147.50-1.50 = 1146.00

Readjusted- bingo, but no cigar ( 1147.50-1135 )

Good trading.
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