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March 22 update

I'm short at 1159.50 and 1160.00. Looking for 1140 area. This may occur by aft or globex tonight.

They may give only 1150.50-1146.75 by the close at 4.15. If so then 1140 should hit overnight/tomm morning.

Again 1126.25 is the key in the overall trend. Run you 70.3-29.70....its clear then.

Good trading
The ideal high today was 1163.25/1163.50. It should not go past 1163.75. If it does I will short again. A daily close above 1165.50 will get me out on my daytrade. I'm still long on my daily trade and only a daily close below 1126.25 will get me out.

I expect this thing to drop from/after 1:30 est. An hourly close below 1161.50 should set us on our way.

Good trading.
Shorted some more at 1163.25.

The ideal high IS 1163.25/1163.50, not was as when I stated it was 1:25 pm est.

Good trading.