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Open letter to Bruce

First I would like to commend both you and Kool for putting out in plain English, methods and live trades to help viewers to improve their methods in order to be consistently profitable.
I have traded professionally since 1967 and have migrated to be an upstairs trader after the floor became obsolete. Sorry I pull no punches with some of my observations. Yes , I dont feel it helps the psyche of a struggling trader which most are, to view someone who posts only winning trades after the fact( and didnt own the only realtime post I have seen that subsequently was a loser}. I also feel a need to point out mumbo jumbo.
You requested that I add something to the forum so here goes. Learn ONE set up first...Master it before you go to the second setup, but beware that you will will probably struggle for a few more months before you become profitable again.
Sorry to break this up but I ran out of room.
Next, learn Money management. That means how to take off multiple contracts so as to best make profits. All in all out or scale. This must be learned thru many trades. It is an acquired skill and a very necessary one.
Lastly, trade within your comfort zone. Any added stress such as watching your p&l go up and down during a trade will only cause an emotional breakdown and you will not be able to follow your game plan.
Best wishes and good trading to all. RBurns
Thanks for taking the time with that Rburns..I appreciate it..well thought out and concise


I am trying to learn as much as I can about trading. How do I find out about the live trading room?

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