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ES Globex/night April 29

Short at 1205.50 and one at 1207.25 ( if get there ).

Target: 1194.75; 1192 or 1190.75
It should have read 1191.75 not 1190.75

May "bounce to the Ounce" (Zapp 1981) at 1193.75....

Let me be like those money managers with those esteemed titles on Wall Street.."There is risk in futures trading....hmm...yes "Muffin Man". Some people like cup cakes....I for one like

Good Trading
There was a Coffee number at 1185, but I did not mention it as I did not think it would get there. But you made enuf pts from 1205 or 1207 to 1194.75, 1191.75.

The bounce at 1193.75 was spot on.

This (above numbers) was made known to you at 4.00 CST April 29.

There is NOBODY out there knows this..nobody. It's like a painting....masterpiece. The guys who control the GAME make millions everyday....I'm just the hound who has figured it out.

The trade was spot on. I got all the moves except I got out at 1191.75 expecting a bounce to 1194.75/1195 but it went to 1188.25,

I got the short at 1194 ( eager) and got out at 1185.

80% of the time I know exactly where it will go and the movements up and down. This is for the day and the night. I've even give you examples when I stated it would reach a certain price at 2:00 am and it did.

10% of the time it happens not when I stated....did not happen overnight but it did happen during the day.

10% of the time I'm wrong.

All this only for daytrading. And I only daytrade the ES along with position trade.

Funny with all I know, imagine trying to tell those "Esteemed" traders and money managers at Wall Street...the guys who rig the game....the "Future" is known. I think not, for I am a RebEL and they are "S*t*N.

Best in trading.
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