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1135.75 the Number

As mentioned on Friday May 14, 1135.75 was the critical number and below was 1116/1112.

The gap fill 1107.50 and the final low should be 1103.50/1105.25. From Hi 1040 to low is 28 pts and from 1135.75 to 1112 = 23 pts.

The the retrace if any should get up to 1123.75/1124.25 max 1127.50. the daily close will be below 1130.75.

Any touch of 1101 would keep me alert. The low of 1103.50/1105.25 should happen May 18 or 19 as these are turn dates. We should then move up to 1150/1164 area. This is the test.

We still have the 1-2-3 top in place and the 1148/1127.25 range of Jan 11-20 will tell the tale.

August 10 is the major date. Its down to 990 or up to 1275/1320 before then.

April 16 /13 as mentioned before was the turn date fro the DX/CAD and Euro. The next major turn date is August 10

GC next major turn date is Aug 11

The short from 1135.75 to 1116/1112 was the main trade. The retraces should not have gone past 1127.50...2 short trades, losses, but the main was good.

This 1130.50-1137 area was to hit in morn tommorrow. So pattern has changed. This is like remote viewing...except ash clouds now and then confuse the situation.

I'm lkg to short at 1150.25 and 1153.50/1155.00.

1135.75 is the key number again. The only numbers not hit on its shelf are in the 1103.75/1105 area. Don't know which they will choose if they do decide to fill the gap.

1126.25 is the key number on the daily closes and weekly. It is hovering around this number until it decides to break one way or the other.

Only 1 close below 1126.25 that at 1107.50.

Good trading.
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