I totally forgot to mention EminiAddict.com. This has to be the value pick of the year.

His name is David Halsey and he trades fibs on the 6E & ES.
His site has a ton of educational videos on setting up charts to explanation on fibs terminology and what to look for.
But, his site is NOT a signal calling site. He does not call out trades at all. He will give commentary to the market tic by tic and what might happen. He teaches everyone to fish for themselves. But if you ask him about if he is in a trade or not, he will tell you. And if you probe around with just listening and your questions, you can tell if he is in a trade or flat.

The chat box is also up 24/7 if you wanna chat with another member..

I do believe it is also a steep learning curve on his site.....

All for $29.99/month, what a deal if you want to learn fibs..