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Seven Steps to Trading Success

Seven Steps to Trading Success

Live Event Simulcast from the Las Vegas Traders Expo
December 13, 2005 @ 12 noon Chicago / 1PM Eastern time.,3206,1058+33039,00.html

Join popular educator and best-selling author Toni Turner, for this exciting new workshop that provides the perfect introduction to the Las Vegas Traders Expo! In this intense and comprehensive class, Toni will discuss seven, all-important steps that can lead to a winning trading career. She will detail each step and list practical projects that show you how to tackle each one. A wide variety of subjects will be touched upon, including development of trading styles, market psychology, targeting set-ups, risk-reward relationships, money-management techniques, macro-economics, and much more. Whether you are a novice or more experienced trader, we are confident this workshop will enhance your trading career. Brought to you by the CBOT, Intershow & Townsend Analytics.
Could you provide a link to these Live Broadcasts ?
The current link that takes you to the CBOT Webinar page is:,3181,1058,00.html

However, CBOT seem to change their links fairly often so not sure how long that link will remain stable for.

If that link isn't working then go to the CBOT homepage:
and select the Education drop down menu and select Webinars on that menu and it will get you to a full list of all the Webinars that I just put here.

Hope that helps.
I've edited the original posting above and stuck in a link that takes you straight to the registration page and I've also done the same for the other webinars. Hope that this helps everyone.
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