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Cable Modem & Router

Off topic here...
My internet connection has been going out a few times, and would have to reset it. This always happen when I am trading.

I have ThinkorSwim platform charts open along with my NinjaTrader platform charts/dom. I also have an Omnovia (flash) live trading room open as well.

I pay for the fastest internet connection available through my cable company.

I am sure all these platforms and stuff I have open disconnects my internet due to a ton of data coming through.

Any suggestions for a fast modem/router?
You'll be surprised at how little data flows through the modem from the data feed vendor and the trading platform and the broker. Price data is very light weight.

However, you will have a permanent connection open so even though there is little data involved it needs to be a good clean connection and this will be impacted by a bad modem. Modems usually have a life of about 2 to 4 years and that might be your problem.

They are all much of a muchness. What I see recommended now is that you don't buy a single unit that acts as (1) router (2) modem (3) wireless access point. They say that because the processors are often processing more data flowing through them (because you're probably also surfing the web at the same time as trading) that the chip becomes too hot. So better to get a modem/wireless as one unit and the router as a separate unit.
Have you updated your computer lately. Downloaded any new updates for the system board, or from Microsoft? Things like these can cause it to be slow, no matter how good your connection is.

It is just not about the connection. You have to have a "good" up to date computer to go with it.
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