No registration required! (Why?)

I hear this guy at is profitable every week and shows his DOM for live trading only on the /TF (russel emini).

At least there is a free 7 day trial.

Can anyone comment on it or have any experience with it?

thanks people!

The site says 7 day free trial and $189/mt after.
I emailed him about the indicators he uses and he said:

" Its a propriety indicator Right now YOu just watch the indicator, and later in date, you get it in ur machine
Please use this link to subscribe. "

His above link is for $249/mt. Proprietary indicator, hhmmm, so what if he shuts down his room, then your back to square one....and he sent me a higher price link than what his site is giving....I guess he thinks I'm an idiot, I may be a sucker, but not an idiot, LOL just kidding, hopefully he will clear this up, I sent him a reply email on this price conflict.....
he replied, here is his email in quotes:

"Its changed last week. It will reject the membership from the website and new prices will be reflect tonight,, Programmers r working on it. After few more subscribers, It will be changed again one last time to $340/m
Any pricing questions, please ask


harry singh"

So I guess he increase prices every other week....not worth it for me to even try it out when he keeps his indicators a complete secret and gives me a higher price than what the site says....not very good business practice, this shows he is only doing it for the money and not really for the teaching....if you love teaching and its a good method, money will come later in more and more members....
Here is a recording I did today of the room for everyone to get a feel:
People are actual paying for that? Now I have seen everything.
Originally posted by the_z

Here is a recording I did today of the room for everyone to get a feel:

Wow. Just $340/month. What a deal!
Originally posted by the_z

Here is a recording I did today of the room for everyone to get a feel:

WOW...that was bad

Like alot of these vendors this guy has absolutely no idea how to trade.

I recently watched a guy who was selling his system for 7k that did nothing more than place entries 10 ticks above or below the price. So if it went ten ticks higher you short 10 ticks lower you go long and to make matters worse it reset every 15 minutes. The day that he showcased his system he took a beating...hmmm I wonder why?
yes, i agree....and if you look at his daily will see for the day on you will see for the day of june 15 he ended the day positive $50....i emailed him and he said: "emailed members come bk for 1 trade after lunch"

What rubbish!

Sorry but thanks for the trial anyway! (thank god for trials)
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