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My introduction to the Opening Range mehod/ with charts

Ok, last night I a guy from the forum sent me a e-book on the opening range method. I had never heard of this before. After reading the book I started looking through my charts to see if I could see anything. I did, and I could, and I applied it today in my trades.

I have to say that I felt like I had some knowledge now, that game me an edge. I still used all my indicators. However I paid alot more attention to swing highs and lows, and the breaking of those (if that happened).

So anyways, I just wanted to post my chart so you guys with experience could see what I did. That I might gain more insight from you, if you choose to comment. I know having my indicators up wont go over well, but I'm still not exactly sure how to trade without them I guess. None the less I won today. I made 540 dollars before commissions, with 9 trades.

I tried trading from swing highs to lows or vise versa. All except for the two buys at the low of the day, which was a bounce trade.

Ok now rip it apart lol :)
Thanks for any comments
Click image for original size

Click image for original size
610t I use for direction and the 250t for a bit quicker entry.
I'm reposting this chart so you can see better where the prior days low is.
Are you kidding me? Did I post this in the right place. 96 views and not one comment from a sucessful trader? Nothing? Guess that speaks for the odds in trading huh lol.
I'm still searching for the Opening range ebook...LOL....Lets start there...Is this the 30 minute concept that has been floating around ? For me the opening range is the first minute of trade and I ONLY trade the ES...

Give us a bit more and then I'm sure we'll have a few ideas..
skyfly - on your woodie cci - you have 4 profitable trades showing - you just dont see them (as they say 'cant see the forest cause of all the trees'

re-visit your cci and pick them out

Can you post a link to where you found the eBook..If we read it we can help analyze things
Well the E-Book was sent to me, and I do not mind sending it to anyone who requests it. My aol screen name is " [email protected] ". Just drop me a line

And yes this is the opening range method using the first 30 minute candles high and low, for the range for the day.
Gio I'm not to sure what your saying honestly. Are you saying I have four trades up their on woodies cci that I did not take? Trades that your saying are their?
Hi Chad,

Thanks for posting.
(I sent you an email. )

I guess I'll comment after reading the ebook.

(Today I got a cabbage patch indicator so I have some time to come to the forum.)

Have you found it the method better for some days - say narrow choppy days and not as useful for others?
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