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10 Years Day Trading on Camarilla and now back

Hi all

I have been trading since 1998 but took a break between 2007 - 08 to move house and have a baby. Its nice to be back.
In my 12 years of trading i think i can sat i have demos/trialled and bought every book / lesson and formula and strangely the one thing that makes me money virtually daily is the old Camarilla equation.

The two platforms i have settled with for the last 5 years is IG and Financial Spreads - the spreads are very good.

I get my open close high low from yahoo finance and use the close price at 4.30 for the ftse

I trade on FTSE rolling daily and Wall Street Rolling Daily - I am not greedy as i have found many times this doesnt work. I am to take 10 - 1 5 points daily on FTSE and approx 20 points on the wall. This comfortably nets me £300 - £400 a day which is not a lot to some but is enough for us and very do - able.

I suppose i really just wanted to introduce myself and would really love to hear what anyone else has to say. Would love to talk to anyone else using the Camarilla - on these platforms on ftse and wall

On addition would love to hear any other system that seems to work

Doing just fine after a lot of trial and error but i know there is always room for improvement

Thanks for reading

HI Deena! Good to have you here..I visit infrequently, but enjoy learning.
I'm trading bounces off previous day's HLC and certain Fibs depending on price action, on the NQ.
I'm profitable for the month, and in total since I started 3 months ago. Not tons of cash, but the little I've made at least shows promise.
I keep seeing Camarilla's Pivots on some of the Daily Notes pages I visit here, and have never put them up on a chart. Do you use the Weekly Pivots Camarilla's too?
What about mid level Camarilla pivots?

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