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Kool question from today

Hey Kool,

Is this the right way to use your price projection technique?

I used the high of the 13:25 bar which was 1087.25
and the low of the 13:30 bar which was 1085 to get the downside projection of 1081.36, actual low came in at 1081.25.

I know you posted this in the room during the day, I just want to make sure I am looking at the same thing as you. I think I am getting the hang of your initial move...finally!!

If one had that projection today, to buy at 1081.25, they could have held thru the value area for a huge end of day run up.
See video here courtesy of DT!!

Click image for original size
2010 07 15 toscharts
You Rock Sizno !!...I sure wish more people would step up and ask questions like this...
Yes, ! This projection technique is the most powerful tool i have encountered in over 20 years of trading!.. It's not a holy grail however, because nothing tells you once a projection is hit ,how far it will bounce!.. And what most new to the technique, have the most trouble with is what is the 'initial' move? and do you use the initial move ,or the full initial move? So it can be somewhat subjective, and reqires patience, and a lot of practice! Certainly looks like your on your way tho! ..congrats!..
What you will often find is that as a projection from a larger(say a 15 or 30 min chart)is approached, suddenly the little highs (or lows) from the smaller 5 or 1 min charts begin to give the same number! It never ceases to amaze me, and simply points out the beautiful mathematical nature of the markets!
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