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Howdy MP

I am back after a long vacation. There is a new addition to the family Jackson Marion Ashley....LOL I'm a history buff. Things are about back to normal around here.... although I havn't made an ES trade since Dec or anything other than currency. After my first child I swore I would take a very large vacation around each of my kids births. Very high stress low sleep situations. I now only trade Eur/Usd . i'll have to upload some baby pics later I'm in a few things right this moment. I was wondering if there is anyone in here who trades the fx daily? All the fx fourms are noobies and wanna be guru's who try and act like they know what there doing.
Gratz on the addition to the family!
congrats...that's exciting news and welcome back....and yes, get us some photo's
<edit> not that there is anything wrong with being "new" its just the coat tail something for nothing att. that I don't like...
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those are GREAT...all the best to you and the family Joe....Sure wish someone was into Fx just to keep you around....start a thread and educate us.......In your spare time.......must have tons of that now...ha!!!!!!
Congratulations Joe! All the best to the family and welcome back. I agree with Bruce - start a new topic and educate us!
Hey Joe;

Good looking family
You and Bruce need to start a trading club with all
these little ones...
Congratulations Joe!