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ES short term trading 8-9-10

Volume numbers seem to be matching up with VA are mine

1124 - 1126..big volume

1115 - big volume...possible support for O/N session

1105.50 - 1107.75 *** ledge and volume

1110 - 1111 is a low volume region...close numbers again...1103.75 was a low volume region so we need to be aware of them..!!

Ledge is a good target at 1116 if anyone is in on O/N shorts but watch the 1115,,,
These range S/R numbers are spread a bit because of the big range on Friday.

R1 = 1132.75
S1 = 1098.00
R2 = 1138.50
S2 = 1092.25

Steenbarger Pivot = 1117.50
filled last Thursday's 1123.5 gap and need 1119.5 for Friday's
Today's OR:

OR 5min 15min 30min 60min
High 1124.25 1124.25 1124.25 1124.25
Low 1122 1119.50 1118 1118
Range 2.25pts 4.75pts 6.25pts 6.25pts
Friday's HOD was H of 60min OR.

Today's 60 min Range has been only 6.25 pts. By using an OCO order one or two ticks above/below the H/L of 60min, we can hopefully gain at least a couple of points.
Busy thread today:

[audio required]

failure to extend with volume up here now will go back and test that 21.25 volume real volume is up at 26 to lean on shorts
the vwappers, the50% players and the PVP players all want that 21.25 print
Bruce I show that 21.25 as low volume. Is that correct?
ledge tryingto form at 22 now !
yes, created by high VERTICAL volume..
Originally posted by rburns

Bruce I show that 21.25 as low volume. Is that correct?
Ledge just busted off the 26 resistance.....lets not get too crazy with ledges or triples in this current Low volume summer trade where you will see too many of them......

Luckily we will see just enough that DON'T work so it drives away all the non- believers....These would be the same types who jump from method to method or Guru to Guru and don't trade consistently..they give up when something doesn't work enough for them....I say to find a way to peal out some profit long before ANY of your ultimate targets ever hit and then let your runners do some work in case you get the bigger move.

The point is to respect your low volume environment...and don't expect too much
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