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ES Short Term Trading 9-27-10

When last I posted Friday 1142 was S and is such so far since then. Obviously, 1150 a nut to be cracked for higher but a good mark to have in mind for anything here as 1137 was all that was needed for a target up(and note a fib level here,see chart).
1117 break is needed for an end of larger impulse wave here if completed.
Keeping in mind there is a gap way at 1107.
1150,1142 to start the day.
Monday morn, sorry about that. Here's the chart.
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es 12 10 9272010 60 min
Quiet Monday morning. Quiet volume so far. Retest of VWAP underway from the morning low.

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footprint 9272010
As we find our way a chart with the 50% level between 1150 and 1142.
1142.5 S/R
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es 12 10 9272010 60 min2
trips trying to form at the long as 41.25 holds back decline they will run em out
44 the 50% retrace from O/N high to todays low
I think they want to fill in our old pal 41.50 again today
classic stuff on both sides of the IB in equal amounts and can't even hold above Fridays highs...not only was the 41.50 the key price from Fiday but it was the 50% mark on todays range

The 30 minute also has that nasty double low at 38 that needs attention.....and probably sooner than later
don't trade and type..that is a triple 30 minute low but not consecutive...still needs some attention...and they "KNOW" it is there
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