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Trying to find site

Hi guys. I am an avid trader priding myself on being as objective as I can with sound concepts and trading rationale. However the other day I came across a website that offered several services and coaching. One of the advisors that they have calls his trades using astrology. For the longest time I thought that this type of forecasting was a complete joke until I saw his performance. He had past turning points called with uncanny accuracy. I tried looking for the site again because I forgot what the address was and my history was deleted. Anyway this advisor trades on the 1min ES and his daily calls are given out the day before with commentary that goes something like this: At 10:38 watch for a (T5 signal) continuation of the bull trend until 10:46 where the market will turn sideways and then down off of a P2 until 11:13 where we should see a bounce back up until 11:36. If this is a new high then expect a P3 and an ensuing decline until 12:07. Anyway that is basically the way he calls it. It was not 100% mind you (nothing is) but it was accurate enough that I want to take a second look. He offers his tutorial and method with full disclosure over the course of 3 months. Normally I would not go for this type of thing but he had like a couple of years history of his advisory letters with charts accompanying them to show his accuracy. My question to all of you is whether you know who this guy is and what is the address of his site?
Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks unfortunately he is not the one that I am looking for. The advisor I'm talking about says that he does not use moon phases or aspects in his methodology. Thanks though.

Methods like this looks like scam for me
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