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Forex is changing

I just received an email from both my fx brokers telling me the cftc has changed the margin again from 1:100 to 1:50 and new rules start Oct 17th. And when I started trading FX over a year ago it was 1:400 margin.

Not that I advise trading on this much risk, I do find it inappropriate for them to tell people what is the best way to use their own money. I also find it inappropriate to single out FX...the Euro does good to move .5% in a giving day which is where the high leverage is needed to get the bang for the buck. Where as its not uncommon for bonds to move +2% My broker lets me trade 5 year treasuries at $200.00 a contract....that's $200.00 to control 100k that's a whooping 1:500 margin...I can also trade the YM at $400 that's 1:135 margin, and options are even better where else can you get a contract (pegged on 100 shares of SPY) for around $150? The margin at my broker for 6E (Eur/Usd futures) is $1,100 to control 125k. It seems the government is at war with the Forex market.

Of course this may be a good conspiracy for some that the cftc is worried of losing business to the fx markets that they want to make the futures more appealing.
It's Obama and his retinue... they want to clamp down on forex trading... that forex restrictions bill was actually a part of the larger bank reform bill that was passed last summer.
BTW, trading forex is still subpar compared to futures, in my opinion.. futures just seems more regulated and transparent, that's all. What do you think?
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