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Rewarding the posters

I haven't seen this concept before but I'm sure that it already exists in some form in a forum already. If it does then please post a link or more information in a reply to this topic.

The idea is to reward people who make posts in this forum that are of benefit to everyone. This does not only mean answer questions or providing information but also asking questions which lead to information that everyone benefits from.

A nominal amount (say $10 per month to start with) would be available in a raffle at the end of each month. To qualify for the draw, the forum member must have:
1. Posted at least 1 qualifying post per day on average. (e.g. replies such as "thanks" or "i agree" would not qualify.)
2. Be able to accept PayPal payments to the email address that they are registered with on the forum. (i.e. that cannot nominate another email address to accept the PayPal payment.)

There could be other ways of selecting the person who receives the award. For example a committee could vote on it or all the registered users could vote. The second idea is subject to abuse if a poster registers multiple usernames.

Any comments and thoughts on this idea are welcome.
Looks like we're going to kick off an incentive like this. Details for the May 2005 Most Valued Contributor can be found in this topic.

If you see or have seen this run in another forum then please let us know or post a reply here. We'd be interested to know where this has been done before or if this is a first.
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