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Most Realistic Paper Trading Platform


I apologize if this question has been raised in past postings. If so, please direct me to the location of those postings.

I would like to find out if someone has found the most realistic paper trading platform that closely resemble real trading. I am looking for a paper trading platform that can offer:

1. Buy/Sell order fill price only at market Bid/Ask price
2. Customize buy/sell orders
3. If possible, allow buy/sell orders with shadow stops
4. Fill order after market price crosses 1 tick over order price
5. Accept live data feed

I spent a good amount of time developing my trading strategies on paper trading platform before real trading and would like to find a most realistic paper trading platform to work with.

Thanks in advance,
Try NinjaTrader.
It will have the features you have requested:

Sounds like you could also automate the process via the strategy writing that Ninja offer. Once you download it, you could find it under the tools menu.

Hope this helps.

Take a quick look at It is my Front end choice right now, but does require an Interactive Brokers Account. I have found the sim to be very realistic and helpful.
Hi Matt, Snowtruck,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely try out both NinjaTrader and ButtonTrader platforms. They both look like they are really good for simulation trading.
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