Best futures trading software

Hey Guys

Just wondering if there is any particular software that is regarded as best for the job when trading futures?

There is no software that is regarded as "the best",because traders have different needs and different platforms offer features that might appeal to them. Beginners mostly choose based on feel and look and ease of use. Some platforms allow you to programs indicators and methods into them, so that is of importance to those that want their method automated.

One of the most popular platforms out there is , and it has a large user-group. However, you might also consider if you are looking for a slightly cheaper solution.

One of the things that traders over look is the speed of the price feed and whether the data coming through is want unfiltered. Some you you might have read about "low latency" which is of significance to those who day trade. For example, we have chosen Rithmic as our data feed for our platforms, because its speed, stability and unfiltered data.

If anyone has specific questions about platforms, I would be more than happy to assist you guys choosing one based on your needs, like execution only (DOM trading), etc.

Good advice Matt.

I like NinjaTrader because it offers an integrated trading platform.

If you do anything with volume or any sort of variable time frame charting like tick or volume bar charts, then it is essential to use unfiltered data as Matt correctly points out.
Hello, I'm a ninjatrader user and programmed some indicators on my own for this platform.

I recently started using Sierracharts and there is nothing that cheap and complete, fast and stable as sierracharts. If I would have know I would have never started with Ninjatrader in the first place. They delay data showed on your chart (minimum 100ms) for performance issues and backtesting is really a joke, you run the same backtest 4 times and you get 4 different results.

About the datafeed I'm a DTN/IQFeed customer and they give me the best bid/ask data, better than Rithmic or Zenfire IMHO. Rithmic isn't free either, you pay for it with higher commissions.

The chart trader or DOM works great in sierracharts but I still love X-trader, who is maybe the most used ordering platform in the futures industry.

I might forget it all and step over to CQG in the near future, and leave all those retail trading stuff behind.

You have a great point about Sierra charts, I used Esignal for 10 years before trying Sierra charts. It is stable & cheap, but the feature I like the most is the "volume value area lines" or you can use the TPO lines if you prefer. Volume works better for me.
Thanks Guys.
I have been using a free trial of FOREXYARD and as I don't know any different at the moment I cant really say if it's good or not?

Seems ok, but I like to have more data to refer back to.

I also have a question regarding what seems like an auto sell that I didn't ask for?

I went long on gold and then had to leave for a few days, "lucky it's only a demo account hey!" anyway I was long and gold was going down I had no stops in [place "yes I know' thats risky!" I just had trouble with setting a stop up earlier "experience thing" so I planed to just watch closely, anyway I had to leave for a few days and when I returned my position was closed out.

It had lost about 15% of capital,

Positions could be closed by your broker if you don't have enough capital to maintain the margin. I Think you have traded Cash Gold, so I am not sure as to the gold margin requirements.

In futures there are specific numbers that could be applied and you would know exactly what you need to maintain.

Ask them so you know exactly how they treat you when trading life.

Oh I wouldn't long gold now, I would short it <hehe>