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i will start my trading journal here. For each trade i made, i would provide a real proof.

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my trading results longterm (last 4 years) are on average 4-6 % monthly, by risking 1 % per trade with strikt mm and risk management. i am using as setup bollinger bands, RSI and candle sticks, combined with technical analysis.

In the first trading week 2011 I made 3 plus trades (look at attachment). the one little minus trade you see was not a trade. this was a litte mistake.
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trades januar 13
In the second week there are 2 Plustrades (attachment). The aim is reached normal for this month. For the end of the month my average to date is longterm around 5 %.
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trades januar 23
What is your objective with this journal?
my objective is to show that with discipline and a good strategy its possible to collect pips each month and very consistent.

i will also in the next posts say something about my strategy and show a proof for my trading.

i want also say something: many people of many sites are saying that they are making these and these pips. but the count of pips is saying nothing. for example, you can make stoploss of 2000 pips and take profit 500 pips. such trade would be bad, but if he make the 500 pips (perhaps 1 %), he said that he is the best. if other people are making just 10 pips and risking 6 pips, the result ist far better. 1 % for 10 pips. 2 % for 20 pips. with 20 pips the performance would be highler like the performance with the 500 pips.
Showing your trading results after the fact is unlikely to impress anyone and I doubt that anybody will believe that these are real trades.

To achieve your objective you will need to explain why you entered a trade and post your intent ahead of (or immediately after) your trade entry. This will allow other traders to ratify what you are saying.