I will post Treasury setups and discussion here.
Here is a setup I am watching in the 10-year. I am watching three grouping areas for a basic ABCD pattern setup. The two lines are a median line for a 'standard' ML set, and the upper parallel for a modified Schiff ML set. I deleted the rest of the set lines off for clarity. This is just the basic framework here, and I have some other numbers and lines on my working chart. There is a lot of 'context' and intermarket analysis I am watching in conjunction with this potential trade area, so I have to see how things unfold as the time draws near, if the area is reached. My methodology has some discretionary aspects to it, so it isn't possible for me to say I am looking to trade a specific spot, regardless of how things unfold. Price action and flow are very critical aspects. Over time, though, it should become more clear what it is I am trying to do.

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