Does anybody trade the NQ? I am new and looking to make 2.5 pts per day ($50). Can anybody help??

Just 2.5 pts per day on 1 contract,can anybody help?
Here's some advice i hope will hep you on your journey to trade futures. learn the indicators and their proper setting and signals,Learn how volume is used with each indicator. learn what fibonacci ratios are, learn support and resistance is and how to spot a trend or a sideways market. after you read up on the various indicators and method here, you should do a little research on kools tools, bruce and lorn. these guys are locals here and extremely good traders with different styles. I would highly recoomend you learn all the technical aspects of futures trading before you make your first trade. There is no easy way, If you put in the work, futures trading is extremely rewarding. If you try to "wing it" you and your money will soon part. I think you will find, the 2.5pts per day will not be as simple as you imply by saying i only want to make 2.5pts a day. You're about to get educated on just how difficult of a goal that can be.

Hope this helps.
Learn to read volume, volume spikes etc, volume is not a lagging indicator. Learn what kind of day what ever it is your trading is having. Keep a daily journal & learn what times of the day is most suitable for what your trading, for most things it's 8:30 - 11:30...Learn when to sit & do nothing! Cash is a good place ta be most of the time. One mistake I made, I was hung up on the stockmarket for years. You need to find the instrument & style that works for you & your personality, it's different for everyone, thats what most books wont tell ya, GC, ZN, 6E are all easier trades for me than index futures, but that's not true for everyone.

If you only want a couple points a day, try going long/short 1 tick above or below the 9:30 5 min candle on GC (gold) 2 point target, your stop if you're long would be 1 tick below the 9:30 5 min candle & vice versa for short. Try some things like that on the sim first, read Charter Joe's Mini IB thread & Bruce's pitbull thread they both have several systems posted on here, try all of them, see what works for you. I personally like how gold & bonds trade at the open. Dollar wise, GC will move more than index futs. Bonds trade slower but pay well. IMHO
if we knew how to do it. we would't be here. don't forget 2.5 points on 100 contracts ....... you get it everybody will be in Hawii
There never comes a time when you stop learning no matter what profession you are in. I have been a profitable trader for over 10 years and Trading is a very lonely and emotional job nobody cares about trading like I do there eyes glaze over when you tell them the Euro is going to rise, or you made 1000pips last week. Nothing wrong with socializing or bouncing ideas or helping others. I have changed what I trade and how I trade many times. Trading is like a river you will never step in the same place twice, being a great trader is being ultra adaptive, not indicators, not even PA. You need to be able to sense change and when not to change. And it only comes with time.
Please paper trade it first for 3 months every day. You must feel almost what the next thing is going to be when you just look at your chart. Don't overload it with indicators. You need screen time.

If you are consistently profitable, then start using real money.

Not obeying this advise will in 95% of the cases result in a blown up account = you will have lost all your money.