YMH1, Stretch, trend reversal, trending (3, -1), counter trend (3, -1), (3, -2) and (3, -3)

YMH1: The change from up to down is developing within the following guidelines:
Basis the trending (3, -1) formula, the Stretch calculation price reversal strategy indicates slowing upward momentum, on shrinking volume, narrowing price rotations and sell threshold & sell programs also narrowing. Applying the Stretch (or Fib of the Stretch,... 1.618%, 2.618%, and 4.25%, 4.25% projects a daily range) to the trending (3, -1) formula today, has started developing into the counter trend formula, i.e., [(3, -1), (3, -2) and (3, -3)], as exhibited by today's trading reflecting the first two-way trading range this week, indicative of the beginning of a counter trend move (additionally, apply the Delta Phenomenon strategy.).