Empire State Trading Club

If anyone familiar with this company please help.
here is their website www.est-club.com
I hear it's a front organization for the Eastern contingent of the Flat Earth Society and enganges in toy poodle sacrifices every other full moon ... and they've got these long purple robes with hoods lined with dog fur and entry requires burping the Chinese alphabet backwards ... TWICE! Evidently they got into telling folks how to trade in 2010. That's about all I know.

Instead of EST ... how 'bout STP ... much more betterer

STP "Plush" (acoustic)

Nice tune to start the day ... just don't try to figger out the lyrics.
Thanks MM That was funny as @ell.
I took the trial. The trades are good but delivered late. The moves have already started or the fills are too far away. When questioned about this, the support staff replies they only make recommendations and don't tell you where to get in. The stops and targets are usually delivered late also. One other thing, although the signals are generated by a computer, the actual recommendations are made using the discretion of a trader with the company. Sometimes I felt that they were front-running the order and wanted me to take the trade only after they had been filled.