trading service


Can anybody help me?

I have 2 years for trading experience and looking for day trading chat room service ( any instrusment) which provide below requirement.

(1) Profitable
(2) Trade with live account
(3) Can see their entry and exist point through live screen (DOM,CHART or LIVE ACCOUNT)
Have a look at Absolute Day Trader
I have used their service for 4/5 months now; have not had a month where at least didn't cover my subscription.
They call out 2 trades each day; normally just before the open of RTH; the ES and TF; completely mechanical and no logic or reasoning is given; based on a proprietary computer generated code; month over month I am profitable; all shown on a live screen; I like that on some days there is no setup indicating they are not just trading to please subscribers; they also sell their their code to use with Trade Station; I don't follow them to the letter, and modify their targets, entry points and stops as I see fit; I think they would do better if they were less aggressive with their 2nd target; interestingly they don't modify their calls when in a trade, but I do; I find it a good discipline to start my trading day with their trades (I live on the left coast !) and usually gets me off to good start; their results as posted are accurate...
Some days am just not able to get a fill at their specified entry and so I pass; you have to be quick with your order entry; al orders given are limits.
Dear ohms,

thanks for sharing your information,

i have visited mentioned web-page, has free trial....

some of trade call services i have been visited , at begining i did not follow all their call , judge with my charts . At that time, they got green, i was red. So i tried to follow all their calls but still the same they have green, i have red.

I noticed that some call service provided live screen but not own account, only on simulations. In my opinion, if they trade with their real account , followers have more confident on them.

Anyway i will keep on searching ...