ES Short Term Trading 02-17-2011

Here is the RTH weekly profile going into Thursday.

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Must have been bad news for inflation Im short ZN more of an intraday swing may be a good move to 188'155 short from 118'232
opps wrong room
O/N Profile.

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The only thing of note right now in this boring action is on the VWAP chart. I've marked the first hour H/L both on price and on the CD. You can see what is happening.

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selling here at 39.5 for a quick scalp...unfilled air down at 37 is the target...also volume very poor on 30 min chart on this last push up...stop is 42
taking half off here at the 38.25 triples...moved stop to breakeven and looking for 37 as target on the remainder
stopped at be on the second portion...oh well