Ninja Trader Delay - Can't Shake It

I'm using Ninja Trader with a free trial Zenfire feed and my DOM has a delay of close of about 15-20 seconds.

I've been trading in a trading room for a couple of weeks and haven't noticed the problem up until a few days ago.

Restarting my router and computer did not work - getting a different trial data feed from a different broker did not work. Changing all my delay times in "Options > Simulator" to 0.5 or 0 did not work.

There is another Australian in the room who is using a paid version of NT with a live account and Zen fire data feed and he is also experiencing the same problem. When I first open NT it seems in sync but immediately the DOM price action falls a long way behind what I'm seeing on the trading room moderator's charts.

Can anyone assist me with this or have come across this issue?


I have a different broker and have issues. I wasn't sure it was all
on their side, here is something I did on the advice of WindStream
and I saw instant improvement in performance :

1- unpluged the cordless phone in my office
2- reset the surge protector

this may not be your issue but it helped me greatly ..
Please send an email to support at ninjatrader, mark attention to "RayD" and please let me know the following:

- What NinjaTrader version
- What other trial feeds did you try
- Where are you physically located?
I will do this immediately thanks.
NT support are right on this and we seem to have found a solution. Opening T&S window appears to bring it back in sync, going to try figure out why...

Very impressed with support from NT staff.
I was having the same problem. I was using an older computer with 32bit. I was having same delay also with my E Signal. So check what size your computer is.