AK1 strategy

Hope this schematic of today's trade helps clarify any questions.
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Todays trade 3/7/11
Help me with the math please. O/N High was 1326 not 1328 right? So fib # would be different right? I assume 50% fib #? How is entry from 1321 to 1319 = +4?

Thanks in advance.
Big Mike,
Sorry, you got it all wrong. Yes high was 1326 not 1328, a misprint on my side. But the fib retrace lines are accurate,i.e. 1314 start, 1326 finish. The previous days overnight 8:29 close was 1332, the 8:29 close yesterday was 1321.50. So our signal is sell. We enter the sale at the 9:30AM opening at a price that is just under the fib bar closest to the 9:30am opening. That price was 1321.50, our target was 4 points, i.e. 1317.50, another misprint,sorry. The stop was 1325.50, 4 points. Hope this clarifies it.
I'm still waiting for which Fib you are using...perhaps you can elaborate... otherwise there will always be some fib in there to trade from......I'm looking for consitency and want to remove any possible subjectivity that can come with fib levels and extensions.....