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Hey guys!

Have been a long time reader of mypivots, just registered to be able to participate in the exciting conversations!

I have no experience with blogging, but have just created one and would like your opinion on what I have so far. Those of you that have a blog, do you see it more of a hassle to post regularly or does it keep you on your trading game since you are involved with posting?

Here is the link:

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Can't wait to network with everyone!


what you selling?
Dunno yet. So far, from the home page for the site, it's based on the "HT Trading System" ... as described below:

***This page was created to show active traders the HT Trading System, provide trading education, and present market analysis on a daily basis. Currently we will be posting trade opinions and signals during market hours, but we plan to offer a live trading room online for subscribers of the blog in the near future!***

Perhaps he could, in this forum (since he's asking for interaction) provide a reasonably detailed and specific description of his "HT Trading System" ... what it is, how it works etc.

Would be interesting to know. And could head off anything that could be misconstrued as a "sales pitch" for something that may eventually be a fee-for-service type thingy. Just some unsolicited input from a monkey that's ridden around the trading circus on a tricycle for many a year. Wooot Wooot!


Originally posted by khamore1

what you selling?
Not selling anything. The "HT Trading System" is what I named my system of trading the emini.

I'm planning to provide the trading rules, trade examples, etc in a category on the blog titled HT Trading System. I also want to post live trade videos and daily recaps.

I started the blog primarily to help myself stick to my rules and system by having to participate in the blog on a daily basis, which I feel that if I keep reiterating similar information (regarding trade setups) this will help me in my trading.

I currently share my screen / show live trades(using Mikogo) for a couple of guys that I've met over the years. I'm not looking to sell anything, nor my system, just looking to educate traders on how I trade, and get input from traders to better my system / philosophy of trading and the markets. I want to offer the trade room free for subscribers in the future, but am currently starting with the blog to get exposure and meet traders.

I am hoping that guys (who believe in the style of trading that I have) in the trade room will have input / ideas to improve and better our trading. I am also a firm believer that anybody who SELLS "trading stuff" is NOT making money in the markets. Just posted the link to get input on whether you guys, as experienced trading, find the blog interesting. Also, what would you like to see to make it better / more appealing to you?

since you cleared your intention your offer seems more appealing
Here is a post from tonight explaining my rules:

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to share ideas and input please.