New Member - Stevo

Although I have day traded the S/P eminis for over 2 years now, and have survived the learning phase, I am well ahead for the past year. I discovered this site about 4 months ago, and it helped me become even more successful. Although I can not match the very helpful contributions of koolblue and BruceM and Lorn, and others, I decided to join, as I trade almost every day, and some days there are few contributors, and I can contribute when the big boys are out. I will never brag about past successes, but will only talk about current trades and my reasons for that trade, as I understand this contributes to the decisions of others. I have nothing to sell. I just want to be a successful trader, and give back to those who have helped me do the same. Thanks for all you responsible for this very helpful website. All I want to do is understand the rules and contribute in a small way to all of our success. Stevo
Hi Stevo - welcome to the forum. Your first post indicates that you already understand the "rules" and etiquette that we try and follow in this forum. We're trying to maintain high quality on the site and help each other understand what we are looking at and why. It sounds like you've found the right place.
I would just like to repeat what Stevo said the help you get from a few regulars here is. Invaluable just helps the decision process have sent thank you private messages to a couple of you it is good as everyone is throwing ideas around and helping us new traders which has made my trading consistent you don't want to be the richest man one day and poor the next consistency is what I have got now thank you
Welcome to the team Stevo, look forward to your contributions.
real glad to see others wanting to be a part of us ......nice to see the voting system in action to...

welcome aboard !!
Hello Stevo and the fellow members. I am so glad that I joined this site and hoping to contribute what I know about trading. As Stevo said he does not want to brag about the past but focus on present, willing to share. I kind of want to do the same. Need everyone's support.