6:35am ES volume

Hello all!

I have just gotten back to watching the ES after a LONG vacation. It seems like volume picks up at around 6:35am Est (5 min chart)instead of 9:35am Est. Can anyone tell me why this is, or does my computer (new) have a glitch? This puzzles me. I''m still learning so any information on this will be very much appreciated.

Your charting software may be using the timezone that you're in (or rather that your computer is set to). Are you on the west coast? If so, this will explain what is happening.
Thanks for responding day trader. That makes perfect sense. I'm on the east coast by the way. I will notify you when I rectify the situation. Thanks again.

Hey day trading, my computer was set to the pacific time zone. Thanks for pointing that out to me because I thought that just because I had changed the time on the computer that everything else would fall in line with that. The charts make sense now. Thanks!

You're very welcome. No matter what timezone I'm living in I set all my trading computers to Eastern Time for consistency.