I'm New

Hi all,

I'm looking forward to discussing trading topics with everyone. I hope you're ready!!
WAIT ... gimme a second! Gotta milk the cow, feed the goats and slop the pigs first. Damn chickens aren't layin' eggs worth a s#!t lately and my plow-horse went gimpy on me last week in the middle of the first plow-row. Okay, got the abacus greased and last weeks newspaper's bidness section. Drawing out the charts with the pencil now that I've carved the wood off the graphite (hate it when I clip off the graphite nub).

Alright, fire away with what ya got ... quick-like though, since the hay wuz cut a couple days back and it looks like rain's a comin' ... need to bail it on the double!

So whatcha got to share dude. Lookin' forward to it!


Life lives for the persuit of property/hapiness and shaved monkeys in pensive thought, contemplating aspects of quantum physics as a way to describe our universe ... at least for now ... and drinking a few micro-brew beers in between ... perhaps a Red Seal.