Poem Thingy I Stumbled Across

There's gotta be something about trading in here. Who are the birds etc. ... could be a fun psychological prifile/discovery thing for understanding trading ... or why/how we trade ... and what the motivations are ... and what's an effective vs. non effective approach. Then again, it may just be a word-mash. Have some fun with it if you see anything there. Just offering up something from a different perspective I guess. Why BIRDS ... I dunno ... maybe it struck me after 1 or a few micro-brews and going thru 1000 stock charts tonight.

The birds peck at
stones too big to swallow
like breaking bread
with anvil and hammer
hunger becomes a distant
memory inside the bashing
where granite beaks cannot
smile or frown, just strike
at wicked speed, wings flare
flushing out broken feathers
in the crush where worms
dare not tread, maybe
the last breakfast or supper’s
a nest full of the forgotten,
of gaping mouths wanting
and wanting and wanting
while birds peck at stones
hungry as the morning sun
that burns off beads of
sweat from leaves of grass

ps. DT, wheres the "bird" emoticon for this??