Grasshoppers guess of the day

I was wondering if it would be okay if I posted a "guess of the day"? Just a guess of where I think the market is going, and where I would get in and get out. Is that okay?

Blind guess or based on your studies?
1. It would be better to post that in the Journals section of the forum unless you are going to discuss the methodology about it here. i.e. this part of the forum, Trading Strategies and Setups, is to discuss that. The journal part of the forum would be better for a guess with no explanation.

2. Have you taken a look at the forecast section of the site? You can pit your forecasting skills against your peers.
Thanks for the feed back guys. I guess my "guess" would be a mixture of study and a blind guess. And with you guys help, I realize that my guess will be better suited for the journals section and maybe to have some fun in the forecast section. Thanks for your help.