day trading education

Is there any legit education out there that can teach me how to day trade the futures markets. Ive spent thousands on empty promises. I want the kind of education that allows the coach to trade with me one on one. As we are watching the market unfold on my screen with skype or whatever and we pull the trigger on the system that is taught.I want to make and lose money. Not having fun losing money.
There is a school that I'm going to join soon I think that's what you are looking for they teach you their system and they trade their own money while you watch them and do the same they make about $100 a day I'm not sure if I can post names here, but if you send me a personal message I can give you their name they cost about $1000 now. Last month at the new york trade expo their price was $500
Welcome to the site Zid. I suggest that you spend a few days following the guys on the daily ES trading topic here:
It's one of the highest quality daily trading topics for ES traders.
Per many members request I’m enclosing more information about the trading school.
I know the school for the last three years they are known and respected in the trading community all over the USA the reason I did not join them is. I don’t like their trading methodology they risk eight ticks to make two ticks this is contrary to what I learned in other trading school besides by the time they pay the commission on their 12 contracts approximately $30. pay the broker platform fees, pay electric bill. Pay internet connections their $100 gains becomes $50 loss so you will be better off working in McDonald washing dishes than day trading.
So why the hell you ask yourself I want to join this school? For me; even though I’m in this business for three years I don’t have enough live trading time. my aim is to get experience in live trading make $100 a day ( to pay half the expenses) and maybe while I’m trading in the market I can get one or two good trading opportunities per week on my own system Make sense? If it does and still you want to join the school together than they might give us a group discount you have to send me a private message again
I forgot to mention that their trading room is for life,
Per daytrading recommendation you will be better off getting your education free on this site