special thanks to the ES room

I wanted to take the time and give out a special thank you to Bruce Lorn and Kool for all the help and encouragement these traders give us each day. These 1st class traders take the time out of their day each day to help anyone who asks. The information and knowledge that comes from them is invaluable and in my opinion, better than anything you will find anywhere.
Today i was frustrated and really struggling with my short term strategies, i vented this and asked for help and these fine individuals responded with top notch information and instruction. they really show their passion in the way the explain their methodologies and genuinely want to see you succeed and develop into a profitable trader. It's a positive, awesome experience every day and we are truly blessed to have these excellent traders and people helps us each day.
If you're looking for a trading room, then this is it, it is really the best out there thanks to these guys.
Thank you again BRUCE,KOOL and LORN for everything you teach us and do for us everyday. you guys are AWESOME!!!
Please add my thanks to the ES room posters as well. I follow as much as possible appreciate the spirit and knowledge of each days work.