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Hey, guys!

Like I wrote before (another thread), I trade without using any kind of software. I simply use the technical analysis tools (is this correct to say?) that my broker provides.

So, my question is:

- Is it really useful having software for trading? Does it makes all the difference between having profits or losses?

Does it compensates to spend all that money for it?

If your are making $$$ it makes no difference what others are doing or using .. thats just my 3cents ...
Well...that´s not why I asked that question! :)

What I mean is, does it makes difference to use a trading software when it comes to profits?
I think that the answer is: Buy or subscribe to the software if it generates more profit than it costs. In your case that would be if it adds incrementally more profits than you are already making versus the cost of the software.

There's a list of trading related software here:

A good example are the trading indicators that we provide for eSignal users. They are currently priced at $29/month. You need to make 3 ticks profit ($37.50) on 1 ES contract each month to cover the cost of the indicators. If the indicators help you make an extra 3 ticks or more on 1 contract each month then they are worth it, otherwise they are not.
Canis Lupus;

What I am saying is; if you are making money (and that is why we are here) then you are very right in the way you trade .. if you are asking "could I make more money using software or another method"
.. I'll let you answer that .. cuz, you have to find out for yourself, but my hope is, you have found a way to make $$$...