New Member - Geo

Hello everybody, I recently discovered this forum which seems very interesting. I'd like introduce myself. I am an active traders since years and I am a .net / C# developer.

I trade futures and I like fully automated strategies. I am here to learn from you and give to this forum all my contribution as experienced programmer. The platform that I use since years is NinjaTrader, because it is free for backtest and simulation and I know it quite well.

I recently discovered the power of Pivot Points , which I never used before. My goal is to create in the next few days a backtest on a strategy based on mini SP500 future (ES) based on Pivot Points (possibly Daily). I am learning intensively your forum as much as I can. In the meanwhile if somebody have ideas or want to contribute I can create and share the code/system, for the benefits of this forum.

Have a nice day


PS If I am off topic here please advice, and I will move my post in another place. Thanks
Welcome to the Forum Geo, thanks for taking time to introduce yourself.