koolblue come back !

these threads are not the same without you buddy
Told you for days we would see 1318.50 and/or 1337 and change! Two days ago we hit 1336.50 and today 1318.75!
yep, you mentioned those levels all right...that said, most of the peaks used to yield the projections in the 318 area were taken out by recent highs i believe, so in theory those projections were no longer valid right? in any case, let me ask you this...a longer term chart (60 min or so) would have given a 1.618 proj of 1320.5-1320.75 as a result of the 1336.5 to 1326.75 move down right ? my question is would you have been interested in buying at those levels knowing 318 or so was still a possible outcome? in fact, with a reasonable stop loss it would have worked out fine i guess...my other question is for how long do you respect older projections that have not been violated? do you actually scroll back to see if there is anything that might still be in play or only pay attention to whatever you can see to you immediate left on your charts? thanks in advance for your help